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zstingx 12-21-03 02:44 PM

geforce (mx 440) and viewing both tv & monitor)
Hello ,
I have installed nvidia geforce (mx 440) on linux (RedHat 9).
Now I had configured the XF86Config file , so that when I
I had added "Screen_tvout800" section definitions , so that when I
perofrm "startx --1 :1 -bpp 24 -Screen Screen_tvout800"
and the svideo of tv is connected to the card, I see on the
TV what I usually saw on the computer when I perform "startx".

There are 2 problems:
The monitor screen becomes black
when I perforn that "startx" above.
Is there a way to view both tv & monitor ?

second : when I perform "killall X" , the monitor screen becomes
black (The TV screen cease to show the contents
of the Computer X windows).
Is there a way that I can return control to the monitor?

(I assume that if the first problem will be solved,
than the solution also solves the second).

Phorem 12-21-03 04:24 PM

"The monitor screen becomes black
when I perforn that "startx" above.
Is there a way to view both tv & monitor ?"

In short, yes. But you won't be able to see exactly the same thing on both screens. It's not like windoze. You have to use twin view or assign each output as a virtual desktop. So TwinView or 2 virtual desktops are your only options (to use both at the same time that is).

For the second problem, "Ctrl+ALT+Backspace" out of it. It's dirty, but it works.

zstingx 12-22-03 09:27 AM

First ,thnxs.
Second , I do not think I have WinView
(I am not an expert ; is there a way which i can know -
physically or by some utility - if I hae or not have a TwinView?)
maybe I was misunrderstood . I do not mean viewing both TV and Computer
at the same time , but switching between one to another.
(However , if there is some way with virtual desktop , even
if it does not give perfect results, it sounds interesting and I will appreciate
anybody who will advice a bit about how to do it).

If there is a way to switching between TV and computer I would thank anyone who
will tell me how.

> "For the second problem, "Ctrl+ALT+Backspace" out of it. It's dirty, but it works."

I think I tried "Ctrl+ALT+Backspace " to return to the PC
monitor and nothng appened ; I will check again soon.


Phorem 12-22-03 04:29 PM

TwinView uses any second output on your video card and basically makes 2 screens 1 really big one (they both have to be able to support the SAME resolution). TwinView is in the driver and if you have a second output (which you do - svideo or whatever) then Option "TwinView" has to be added to your XF86Config. As for the desktops, i haven't tried this, but i had everything else working fine (twinview, tv out) on my GeForce 4 MX440 64meg. If you look at the Nvidia readme for the driver it explains A LOT. I know it's long, but it tells you how to do the 2 virtual desktops and might even mention how you cycle back and forth between them (not sure if that was there, but it probably is). It also explains - in detail - everything i just mentioned.


silentcoder 12-23-03 12:49 AM

I have that setup
With almost exactly the same hardware.

Except my card is a an FX-5600Ultra.

My card has both an extra monitor and an S-Video output port.

It also came with an S-Video to A-V adapter.

Step one, bought a set of A-V cables from the local hardware store, cost me about 5 bucks (that's less than one USD).

Step two plugged these into the machine and TV.
Switched the TV to AV in and voila, had full view in BIOS and Terminal.

At this stage however, it died in X.

Read the FAQ section of the readme, complete with a chapter on TwinView, set it up and voila.

In my case, my older 17" monitor can only do 1024x768 but my new TV can do that as well.
So I set up a meta mode to give them both that value.
I had to tell it what TwinView Devices it was to use:
Finally I set the TwinView Offset to 0 - turning the TV effectively into a cloned display.

Now I have my USB keyboard and dual optical mouse on the BOX itself, in front of the monitor for gaming, and the wireless PS/2 set on the coffee table.
It's like the most powerfull DVD remote control ever :)

And people pay 20 grand for home entertainment systems.
The whole setup INCLUDING the computer was less than 10 - and I have a computer to boot :)

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