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fdawg4l 12-21-03 05:43 PM

Twinview + PCI video = xinerama?
Hi all,
Im new to this forum and was wondering if anyone had any experience with twinview AND xinerama? I have a geforce4 ti4200 with Twinview that I am currently using in debian. I was wondering if it was possible to throw in a PCI video card (probably a TNT 2) and use it as a 3rd monitor for an extended desktop. If anyone has any experience and caveats in the matter that they could share, I would be very appreciative.

Also, will I lose the accelerated graphics that Ive come to enjoy with the closed source nvidia drivers in combination with xinerama and a PCI video card?



Gator 12-23-03 11:55 AM

I dont know about Debian or Linux, but I do know from experience that yes you can have three monitors (or more!) if you use dual head + a PCI card. Surprisingly, my friend uses that setup with only Win98 and it works fine. :)

fdawg4l 12-23-03 07:25 PM

I know its possible, but is it possible in linux is my question. Everything is easy to do in windows but some things are substantially more complex in linux. Im not going to go over the merits of the OSes (that is a debate for a different time), but Im a linux person and refuse to revert to windows.

Will xinerama barf? Is xinerama already in use when twinview is used?

These are the questions im asking. Thanks for the help though. I do appreciate the input.

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