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brandis 12-22-03 09:33 AM

3D hardware accelleration
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I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop, which uses the NVIDIA GeForce 2 Go
chip, and I've installed Gentoo Linux 1.4.

More to the point, i've installed the latest NVIDIA drivers 1.0.4496
(using NVIDIA's installer NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run, since i'm
not using gentoo's default kernel, and not the nvidia-glx-package).

However, according to NVIDIA's readme (Appendix C), all necessary files
are in place, linking to the 1.0.4496-versions of the library files,

Currently, I'm only testing the 3D graphics using openGL-enabled
screensavers in xscreensaver, but these are painstakingly slow at
fullscreen size, with just a few (2-3) fps, measured by visual

Does anyone know what I can do to really test if 3D accelleration works
(and if it does not, how to fix it?)

I've attached my XF86Config and XFree86.0.log files

SuLinUX 12-22-03 11:33 AM

Some of the screen savers are OpenGL so they do tell you that the drivers are not installed correct.

Obvioulsy they are not install correctly by you saying the screen savers run at 2-3fps.

brandis 12-23-03 02:06 AM

Hm... I suspected that :)

The strange thing is that they run smoothly within small and medium size windows, but it seems as if there is a hard limit (when I resize the window) at which the image suddenly stops and ends up at 0.8 fps (i measured... *sigh*)

In fullscreen, of course, the window is way beyond this "limit". I have not been able to determine exactly how big the window is when this happens.

Somehow this seems to me to be some memory limit or something, but I don't know where to look for more info... :(

fdawg4l 12-23-03 08:00 PM

glxgears gives you a frame rate if i recall correctly. Try to run that and see whats reported.

brandis 12-25-03 03:02 AM

Well, with a small window (250x250 maybe?) the framerate is above 600 fps.
With a larger window (1024x1024 maybe?), the framerate is about 80 fps.
In between, the framerate drops smoothly.

Just above that, there seems to be a "hard" limit of some sort, so the framerate suddenly becomes 2 fps.

Is this normal (the performance below 1024x1024 window size, that is...) for a GeForce 2 GO?
And what the heck is happening when the window size increases beyond that?

brandis 12-26-03 03:01 AM

Just for the record, I've also installed the (now) latest driver 5328, and nothing changes....

Wolfman [TWP] 12-26-03 08:09 AM

I would suggest that you replace your XF86Config file with your original. As the one you are using is only an example, which will not work with ALL systems.

You only need to remove the 'Load DRI' line and change the 'nv" driver line to 'nvidia' as stated in the nvidia readme. Reading the log file, you also have font problems, but I think that it's due to the XF86Config file being incorrectly configured. ( A Nvidia example file)


brandis 12-26-03 09:59 AM

Thanks :)

Unfortunately, I don't have much of a "previous" xf86-file, since I just installed gentoo linux on this laptop, which until now has been running with microsoft windows *shiver*.

So sadly, I don't have much experience with this laptop in combination with XFree/3D-gfx.

Wolfman [TWP] 12-27-03 01:27 AM

Depending on how you modified the file, you should see the ~XF86Config file which is the backup of the original. If you used the command line vi, then I don't think it even creates a backup of the edit file.

And the other option might be to install it again from scratch.


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