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KnutJorgen 12-22-03 02:04 PM

locking problem with nvidia and 2.6.X
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There is a problem with locking scheme employed by the NVIDIA driver and Linux 2.6.0? When will it be fixed or when will 2.6.X be supported by Nvidia?:) WIth this messeage is a log off debug messeage from dmesg.

bwkaz 12-22-03 02:49 PM

Just so you know, I'm getting the same (type of) thing with both 4496 and 5328. Two Debug messages when X starts, and one or two more at random intervals. It happens much more often when running a 3D game.

About the only problem is that the game seems to slow down considerably after this happens, for a couple seconds. It doesn't seem to be causing any harm. :)

aldousd666 12-23-03 03:32 PM

I found 2.6 drivers (patch)
at http://www.minion.de. I know they aren't officially supported, but combined with 2.6 everything FLIES. including graphic intensive games for those of you who are into that stuff. You have to do the --with-extract-only option and then you have to patch the tree. after that, either --add-this-kernel or export the CC=/usr/bin/gcc32 and you'll be able to do it. The minion site comes with good instructions in case mine aren't.

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