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cabrilo 12-22-03 03:01 PM

graphics + nforce

I have a ASUS A7N266-VM motherboard, and I am using nforce drivers for ethernet (nvnet) and than the graphics drivers for geforce2. SuSE 9.0

The problem is following: when I surf the net, mouse does not react as it should (it stalls, moves slowely, etc). Otherwise, speed seems to be fine.

I solved this some time ago by choosing the correct combination of nforce and graphics drivers (the first time I installed suse). I had to reinstall the whole OS yesterday (format the hard disk), and I may be going crazy, but I cannot find that combination of drivers that solves the problem. It seems like I tried everything, including the new graphics driver.

Any ideas?

Kenneth 12-22-03 05:38 PM

Maybe you should go back one version

The 0261 NForce drivers made my NForce system extremely slow and sluggish, so I am still using the 0256 version, which works fine.

(I have a MSI K7N420Pro motherboard btw.)


cabrilo 12-22-03 09:21 PM

Thanks. I actually had to roll back to the drivers prior to that one! It works fine now. I guess I didn't remove an rpm package that I initially installed, so that's why trying out different versions didn't result in any change.


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