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PreservedSwine 12-22-03 11:09 PM

deleted post
Hello, pretty sure I had a post deleted in a thread about someone buying a FX5800. Was it mistake??


mrsabidji 12-23-03 12:46 PM

Yeah, I also noticed that. Well, it wasn't me :D. Anyhow, that's weird... I don't remember you being offensive or particularly stupid in that post.


PreservedSwine 12-23-03 05:32 PM

Thanks for noticing. Just wondering if someone goofed, or what???

Also, and I have no idea how often mods have to delete posts so this may be too much to ask...how about pm letting you know it was deleted?


EDIT: I'm thinking maybe it was deleted accidentally- it seems there was an argument between DIGI and Malfunction and some of their posts were deleted.

I'm guessing I was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire:D

mrsabidji 12-24-03 06:10 AM

Yeah, that's what we call collateral damage :).


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