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Kruno 09-26-02 10:56 PM

About the site
Out of every messege board and site I have never met a community that is even close to being friendly and aesthetic as NvNews is. Even the mods are around a lot. :D

This site deserves a reward. So do the people who keep this site up and running along with the mods and users who are not lamers :D
Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for making the site and messege board the best place to visit on the internet.

thcdru2k 09-26-02 11:43 PM

i also enjoy the many friendly discussions, definately not many lamers here, and when one does come along, you guys handle them with class.

saturnotaku 09-27-02 07:19 AM

/me puts his arm around K.I.L.E.R's neck and gives him a friendly noogie


|JuiceZ| 09-27-02 07:29 AM

*giggles, and runs around screaming wildy like a little girl* :D

sbp 09-27-02 07:50 AM


SnakeEyes 09-27-02 11:57 AM


Originally posted by |JuiceZ|
*giggles, and runs around screaming wildy like a little girl* :D
Is that what it takes to do as well in ut2003 bombing run as you do? :D

Seriously, the site is still my #1 place to visit each day.

Matthyahuw 09-27-02 12:04 PM

Thanks KILER, makes me not want to quit now...

AshG 09-27-02 02:26 PM

Hey, most of the mods are over at Envy too.... That's where we actually have fun and relax =) But I enjoy modding here, it's where I got my start and learned alot.

|JuiceZ| 09-27-02 06:39 PM


Originally posted by SnakeEyes

Is that what it takes to do as well in ut2003 bombing run as you do? :D


SnakeEyes 09-28-02 07:45 AM

When I said this site is my #1 to visit each day, I meant the forums. The main nVNews page gets looked at during the day too, but these forums (and the guys who run it, along with those who participate, even those I debate / argue with) are what I was talking about when I meant the #1 place to visit.

On the bombing run thing, I wasn't able to play any yesterday, thanks to two lawnmowers that I'm working on. One start immediately every time, but has started some weird surging. Even after cleaning the air filter and changing the spark plug, then cleaning inside the blower cover it's refusing to clear up. (I'm guessing now that the carb needs removed, cleaned, and rebuilt, ugh). The other is much newer, and just seems to not be wanting to start, period (not even a puff or a single sound of it trying to actually fire when I crank on the cord). I have a brand spanking new replacement for both, but I really don't want to toss out the others, since the symptoms both show are really likely only minor repairs, if I can just figure the problems out. :p

Uh, anyway, as far as that concerns bombing run, I'll probably play some this evening / tonight, mowers be d***ed. Hopefully you're there. :D (This is the best part about this site- the people who mod here also participate elsewhere. Some people at many other places I visit are only visible on their forum(s)).

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