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ragejg 12-26-03 05:57 PM

I LOVE this 8RDA+!! And the tcb3 PC2700 just keeps impressing me...
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Heh, I didn't think this rev 1.1 had the bawlz to do it...
I didn't think this JUICB 1700+ had the bawlz to do it...
I didn't think this samsung tcb3 PC2700 had the bawlz to do it...


My other 2700 tcb3 stick is being borrowed right now, so I'm surviving in single channel mode, but still, this is nice!!

I'm runnnin @ 2.05ghz, 215fsb... not bad for an all-air setup, IMO...

Only glaring deficiency is the fact that my 18.2 10k SCSI's are saddled with a 29160, not a RAID controller... maybe God will smile on me soon and plop a SCSI RAID controller in my lap...

Dang, gettin a kt266a to 189fsb was fun and all, but this... this is a freakin punchy setup for the minimal amount of cash I've spent!!

... A barton's on the way... so I'm sure I'll be even happier soon... :) :p

Dazz 12-26-03 06:33 PM

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What CL setttings thats with?

Heres mine.

TwinMOS PC2700 166MHz CL2.5/3/3/8 @ 205MHz CL2.5/3/3/7


ragejg 12-26-03 06:35 PM

all I know is... LOOSE...

Basically I've just been selecting OPTIMAL in BIOS...

I'll get the #'s later...


Dazz 12-26-03 06:58 PM

Mine won't post @ 215MHz even if i use CL3/4/4/8 :(

My TwinMOS PC2700 uses MTECH 0308D TTD7608F8E60B CL2.5 memory chips.

ragejg 12-26-03 08:05 PM

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here's my 205fsb with your timings (remember, me ghots (one) 256mb chip in right now...


I think the samsung tcb3 is not really meant to be in the same class as that TwinMOS stuff, but IMO it does pretty good... :)

ragejg 12-26-03 08:09 PM

...and does CPU-Z report voltages correctly?

It's tellin me that I'm runnin @ like 1.585v... I have it set to ~1.8 in BIOS... maybe CPU-Z just lists the *supposed to be* stock voltage??


ragejg 12-26-03 08:45 PM

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ok, cool, I can boot with the slightly tighter timings @ 215... I don't get much of a boost though, and I still can't obtain the output of that twinMOS memory...


Dazz 12-27-03 07:26 AM

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I just tried again but in Single channel mode.

As for the voltage, CPU-Z reads directly from your BIOS so your CPU may not infact be running at 1.8v check your helth settings in your BIOS. My board seems to over volt 1.8v = 1.85v to bad it fluxuates to much to be good :( jumps from 1.75 ~ 1.85v all the time this is why my overclocking is so limited :(


goofjb 01-01-04 02:08 AM

It seems the voltages are really jumpy on a lot of nforce2 boards. I know I have watched my Soltek FRN2-L, with the Soltek system utility go from 1.75 to 1.85 too. Even when I had teh Vcore set to 1.85 it spiked up to 1.95 sometime. :eek:

JAV 04-10-04 11:06 PM

Re: I LOVE this 8RDA+!! And the tcb3 PC2700 just keeps impressing me...
CPU-Z reads the vdd voltage as the CPU voltage. The 1.585v you're seeing is vdd.

:firedevil 8RDA+/1700+ power:


ragejg 04-11-04 07:09 AM

Re: I LOVE this 8RDA+!! And the tcb3 PC2700 just keeps impressing me...
holy crap!!

Well, my 8RDA+ is goin into the GF's rig now...

It'll be matched with:

- the 2x256mb tcb3
- a 9700P
- a 40gb/8mb cache WD400
- another Barton 2500

...My new primary rig is as follows:

- Gigabyte GA-7N400-L1 with modded bios
- 2x512mb Geil Golden Dragon
- My 5900SE
- a 40gb/8mb cache WD400
- a 2500 now, but a mobile 2400 will soon take its place...

:) the 8RDA has served me well, and will make a good base for a system I can LEAVE ALONE for a year... (no mo fiddlin with the GF's PC!! :P:P)

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