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steelkane 12-27-03 12:54 PM

SuSe 9 help
I"M really lost, i want to install nvidia drivers but i dont know anything when it comes to linux, I dont know were to start, what to type, It talks about unloading nvidia drivers in boot options, but how and were do i go, I did the init 3 thing but then what, My head hurts, why cant I just click on the dam thing and install it, I need step by step, how and were and what to type directions.that might be pushing it but.........HELP!!!

SuLinUX 12-27-03 01:22 PM

Well Linux is not point and click and install, It can be but not always.

It would help if you read the instructions from SuSE

ok, first go into the control center(KDE) and it should say by the side of "Release" what kernel you have.

steelkane 12-27-03 01:43 PM


steelkane 12-27-03 01:59 PM

i did read the instructions from suse, and its not for someone who knows nothing about linux.

SuLinUX 12-27-03 02:24 PM

You need the kernel source installed first, open the konsole type, whereis kernel source

Tell me if any of theses lines are showing "/usr/src/linux-2.4.21-144" or "/usr/src/linux/kernel"

If so we are ready to go.

Download THIS driver which is best for Suse9.

Let me know when you've done the above.

steelkane 12-27-03 02:35 PM

yes both lines are showing, thanks for the help

SuLinUX 12-27-03 02:54 PM

ok great, now that driver we need to make executable as they dont always come where you can just click and run it.Right click on the file and properties, permissions and tick Exec in the user box.

Make note of where you downloaded the driver to i.e /home/mayusername would be good place .
Now, You can do this without restarting but as your new lets do it this way, restart Suse and pick "safe settings" and it will aload up with writing, you should then be at the prompt.

Login as root then password, type cd /where the driver is, i.e cd /home/myusername, this will put you in that directory.Now type sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4620-pkg1.run and follow the instructions(if it ask for go to nvidia wesite for a precomiled kernel jusy say no)

When it's finsihed and your back to the command line type sax2 -m 0=nvidia , now setup your monitor and resolutions and test it by clicking finalize.

Now you dont need to restart but i'm to sure if it keeps the safe settings(no UDMA ect) so I do.

steelkane 12-27-03 03:36 PM

WOW, that made it easy, thank you, now when i restart and login with my user name will the settings stick.

SuLinUX 12-27-03 03:38 PM


Originally posted by steelkane
WOW, that made it easy, thank you, now when i restart and login with my user name will the settings stick.
Yes they will and you should see the nvidia splash screen, if so then it's sorted.

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