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domannator 12-28-03 03:03 AM

GForce4 MX440 SE with Linux
Hi there.

I am running a P4 2.4, 256 MB RAM, with Slackware 9.0
I have a gforce 4 mx440 se, and downloaded the drivers for linux, so i would be able to use it effectavely. I managed to compile it for my kernel(2.4.20) fine. When I try to use it, X starts, and the nvidia logo comes up, and then the system hangs!!!!

the only time I ever get any info in my X Log files, is when i set logverbose to 5. The problem is also that the Log files, and normally my config file comes out very garbled when I reset my PC.

When I start up my PC it tells me that I have the gforce 4 MX440 SE, but when I run lspci it reports a gforce MX440. Could this be the problem, if so how do I force the module to use the SE files rather than the standard ones??

Thanks a lot

celicagt4 12-28-03 10:42 AM

what is the chipset of your motherboard ?

what lspci report about your AGP ? unknow device ?

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