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CaNe 12-28-03 03:49 PM

Fedora and nvidia
i am running fedora redhat 9 and i tried the install for the drivers with my my gforce 4 ti 4600 and it said couldn't not install because i didn't have 'ld'
but i check and i do i don't know whats goin on but if anyone has any insite please reply need to figure this out

darkhelmet03 12-28-03 06:46 PM

Hmm ld is the GNU linker and is supposed to be installed by default (I have FC1 too and ld works fine). Maybe you did not install some development tools?

FYI: FC1 + 2.6.0 + 1.0-5328 on a FX5600 works fine

darkhelmet03 12-28-03 06:47 PM

ooops anyway even for RH9 it should be there.....
check w the RH packet manager to see what is missing

try "whereis ld" and "man ld"

CaNe 12-29-03 02:33 AM

maybe i got the wrong driver i dunno but i tried whereis and it just came up with :ld
and man didn't work cause there isn't a manual
but i have a fedora red hat 9
on amd 1.4 t bird
768 mb
gforce 4 ti 4600

i tried using elfutils-0.76-3.i386.rpm maybe for a new ld but no it says i have the newest version

i dunno if you can tell me anything else but i hope ya got an idea cause i sure as hell don't

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