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scottz 12-28-03 11:57 PM

xfree86 32 color depth supported?
Apologize as I'm a bit of a newbie at this.

I'm installing Redhat Enterprise WS on a Toshiba Satellite P15-S409 notebook (It uses an nVidia Go FX 5100 chip with 32MB).

The laptop has a widescreen (WXGA) TFT LCD and I'm running it at 1280x800.

I installed the 5328 drivers and everything is looking good, but have a problem enableing 32 bit color depth. Up to 24 works, just can't get to 32.

The error is that it isn't supported with this hardware.

In WinXP it's running 1280x800 32bit @ 60Hz just fine.

Is this a xfree86 config issue or is it nVidia driver related?

I don't have access to the system right now, but will post the config and logs as soon as I can.

In the meantime, any ideas on what to check?


SuLinUX 12-29-03 12:19 AM

Linux xfree86 is 24bit, thats 16.8million colours so it's normal. 32bit is really not need on the desktop.

scottz 12-30-03 04:33 AM

I have a few themes I wanted to port over to gnome which are using 32bit graphics for blending, shadding, masking, etc

But xfree doesn't support it?

Also was confused by the message indicating "hardware doesn't support mode". Your saying it's xfree that doesn't support it then.

Thunderbird 12-30-03 04:49 AM

Depth is the amount of data that is stored for a single pixel. This can be 8, 15, 16 or 24 bit. (2^8=256, 2^24=16.7 million ..)
The other color variable is "bits per pixel" (bpp). This is the amount of memory on the card reserved for a pixel. This amount can be 8, 16 or 32. To store a 24bit pixel on 32 bits are used. (it is easy to work with powers of 2) A depth of 32bit would be 2^32 colors but that doesn't exist.

On windows "32bit" means 24bit (RGB) + 8bit alpha. This is not 2^32 colors.

scottz 12-30-03 05:10 AM

Alright, that's been clarified.

I'll ask this a different way.
Is 24+8 bit alpha possible in xfree?

Also apologize as I couldn't find any examples of how to best setup an xfree config with a Go FX 5100 chip.

Anthaus 12-30-03 10:17 AM

Launch GIMP and give it a try!!! :D

scottz 12-31-03 03:25 AM

Yea.. I'd love to.

Won't be able to try it again for a few more days.
I'm having to travel without that laptop right now.
I'm stuck right now with a laptop that doesn't have an nvidia chip.

I'm just trying to get what information I can on the best way to setup the XF86Config for the GO FX 5100 chipset since I already made the wrong assumtion on color depth.

Anthaus 12-31-03 10:09 AM

The release notes should give you a good idea of laptop-specific options.

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