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Jick 12-29-03 12:17 AM

Copying Old nVidia Control Panel
I'm wondering if anyone could provide some detailed information on copying the nVidia manager application from the older drivers to integrate with the newer drivers.

I'm aiming to use this tool with v1.0-5328 and enable TV-OUT.



SuLinUX 12-29-03 01:44 AM

Yes you can, run

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4620-pkg1 --extract-only

And copy the nvidia-settings executable to /usr/bin.

Jick 12-29-03 10:07 AM


copy the nvidia-settings executable to /usr/bin
What's the file path and name of this executable? I extracted two different versions of the driver but couldn't find any executable with a name even similar to that.


Anthaus 12-29-03 12:32 PM

The nvidia-settings can only be found in the 4620 drivers.

Jick 12-29-03 02:55 PM

Very cool. Got it. Thanks much.

derdhal 12-30-03 06:25 AM

where are the 4620 drivers?
I can't find that drivers in the nvidia site. They are not in the archive page.

Anthaus 12-30-03 10:12 AM

They're BETA.
Find them here:

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