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ragejg 12-29-03 08:50 AM

Just ordered a 5800U for $200...

IMO, A Good Deal.

This will be a secondary card, and will probably have the cooling system reworked somehow.... If I can't do anything with the dusbuster setup, then I'm going to rework my entire fan setup to bring the overall noise level down, and maybe do a rubber o-ring treatment (it works for drums, it should work for PC's!)

I KNOW about the 128 bit memory interface, I KNOW about the dustbuster, I KNOW about the heat... I'll compensate...

..But $200 for this? A real 5800 ULTRA?? One that's been tested to 565/1.2ghz with a backside fan installed? YEAH!!

... I couldn't pass it up, folks...

There was a thread where someone overpaid for a non-ultra... well, I'm gonna Under-pay for an ULTRA... :p

digitalwanderer 12-29-03 09:12 AM

I wouldn't pick one up for that price, but it is a good deal on a card that will be a part of viddy card history. ($100 is my go number for a 5800U.)

saturnotaku 12-29-03 09:35 AM


Originally posted by digitalwanderer
I wouldn't pick one up for that price, but it is a good deal on a card that will be a part of viddy card history. ($100 is my go number for a 5800U.)
I would definitely pick up a 5800U for $100. BFG Tech has many left in its inventory and they've been mulling the idea of a massive eBay auction to get rid of 'em.

But ragey, post some pics of the card once you've modded it. I'm very curious to see what you'll do with it.

The Baron 12-29-03 09:42 AM

o-rings... define o-ring. as in, a rubber o-shaped spacer on the screw mount? some Antec cases (like the Sonata I'm using right now) have those, and they do, in fact, work on PCs.

ragejg 12-29-03 09:58 AM

heh, I just realized that "o-ring" is a redundant term (my creaky brain tried to churn out a definition, and the punchcard it spit out :p said "hmmm... O=ring shaped... Ring=O shaped... REDUNDANCY///PLEASE RE-PROCESS" :D

I believe this to be a great deal, as an OC'ed 5800U for sure can keep up with a 425/750 5900 regular in most tasks, and surpass it in others... and this might go into my home theatre PC anyway, so it would have quite a while before it would get slow @ 640x480 or 800x600 in anything... it would be better in there than a 325/500 5600 or a 240/550 128mb GF3 ti200!!

...and it probably spanks a 5700U in most tasks...

The Baron 12-29-03 10:20 AM

yes, it undoubtedly spanks a 5700U, since the 5700U is 2x2 and the 5800U is 4x2 (or whatever they actually are)

ragejg 12-29-03 02:51 PM


:D :D I can't wait!!! :D:D

jAkUp 12-29-03 11:48 PM

i remember my 5800 ultra until it died... i kinda wish i still had it... i have a friend that i can hope to buy one off of, not to use, but to be a part of history :) plus im hoping it can go for some money later in life ;)

cthellis 12-30-03 02:48 AM

Watch out, I think zakelwe's going to come over here and beat you up. ;)

zakelwe 12-31-03 08:07 PM

Yeah I'm going to come over to the USA and beat your fat yankee hide ( as George III should have done :D )

Accusing somone living in England of overpaying for something :rolleyes: :p we overpay for everything .....




ragejg 12-31-03 09:13 PM

Yeah well I'm John III.


Don't worry, Andy, my deal's hangin by a thread :( ... But even if it does I'll still pay up to $220 USD for one... I feel that this card is well worth it, especially when overclocked... Newer tests with newer Forceware drivers have helped the NV30 core out quite a bit...

bkswaney 12-31-03 10:14 PM

I Loved my 5800U.
I really miss the bloody FlowFX. :)

It run every game I had smooth as silk.
Yes the newer FX drivers really boosted
the NV30 by a ton.

I would pay 200 for one.
It will eat the 9600XT for lunch.
Mine would OC to 535 core/1130 memory.

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