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Avalanche 12-29-03 08:57 AM

Tom's Hardware VGA Charts III
Another monstrous VGA bench:


digitalwanderer 12-29-03 09:18 AM

Meh, it's Toms. Did they invent "FBucks!" just to make the low-end cards look less sh!tty? :rolleyes:

emotionstation 12-29-03 11:10 AM


Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Meh, it's Toms. Did they invent "FBucks!" just to make the low-end cards look less sh!tty? :rolleyes:
Hahah. No kidding.

Take everything you see @ Tom's with a microscopic grain of salt.

ragejg 12-29-03 12:20 PM

I don't lend much validity to their reviews, their points of view regarding IQ and drivers, or their vibe re: the graphics card state of war, but I do like their vga charts, as you can't really go wrong with how they do them... one system, lots of cards, not much OC'ing going on... and they're probably using the same template/process/author that they've been using for the past 3 yrs...

I'm not saying the vga charts are the know all end all, but I do believe them to be valid...

Sidenote: 5800U w00t!! Seeing where it sits on the charts with the newer drivers (and being run in games that I do/will play) only makes me feel even better for gettin one for 200 clams... ;)

-=DVS=- 12-29-03 01:31 PM

Did anyone noticed that DeltaChrome who is suppose to cost some 75 - 90 $ outperforms XGI cards who will cost some ~400 :lol2:
In some games anyways :p

ragejg 12-29-03 05:04 PM

I'm personally miffed at the absence on the GF3 series... W.T.H., the 8500's in there, but no GF3??!! :rolleyes: :confused:

mattcoz 01-13-04 11:46 AM

so I see nVIDIA's AF performance still sucks :(

Mr.Clawz950 01-15-04 03:15 AM

Again, this is Toms we are talking about. And the guy who did the review (Lars Weinand) is a farking tool.

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