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DestumteseL 12-31-03 01:39 PM

Problem with game
Well, I play a game called Counter-Strike and a GeForce FX 5200, about one month ago I started getting really low FPS, (frames per second) and I don't really know why, I've tried installing more recent drivers and nothing works, can somebody give me some help.

digitalwanderer 12-31-03 01:43 PM

Tell us more about when it first started. Had you recently installed anything or made any changes?

DestumteseL 12-31-03 01:53 PM

I'm not really sure, it had been working fine for about a month and a half. Then one day I went into the main menu and in the netgraph it said 4.0fps, I was like wtf? I usually get about 72.0 fps at the main menu. I have 2 versions of the game, 1.5 and 1.6 . 1.5 you install on a CD and 1.6 you have a program running called Steam. I'm not really sure if it won't support my video card or not. Tell me some more information that I can give to you so you can understand it more.

digitalwanderer 12-31-03 02:27 PM

What kind of internet connection do you have and what programs do you have normally running in the background on your PC? Also, do you know what version of Steam you're using and did you perchance happen to install/update Steam around the same time as your slow-downs started?

DestumteseL 12-31-03 02:47 PM

I have Cable internet (Road Runner), usually the only program is steam (required for Counterstrike) and maybe my pop-up stopper. This is the first version of steam and it updates every wednesday.

Edge 12-31-03 03:33 PM

Just to make sure, you didn't turn on Anti-aliasing or anything like that, did you? Turning on 8xAA will effectivly lower your framerate to 1/8th of what it normally is (more or less). Also you might want to turn off v-sync, it could be causing minor performance issues (though nowhere near as severe as what you're getting). An FX5200 is roughly equal to a GF3 in speed, so it should easilly be able to run CS at 100 FPS without AA. Unless it's a Steam problem, which wouldn't suprise me since that program still has...issues.

Oh, and have you tried any other games to see if you have the same problem? Or is it limited to CS?

DestumteseL 12-31-03 07:23 PM

And how do I turn off AA and v-sync

digitalwanderer 12-31-03 07:26 PM


Originally posted by DestumteseL
And how do I turn off AA and v-sync
Right-click anywhere on your open desktop, click on "Properties" and then "Advanced Options"....look under D3D and openGL tabs. (Sorry, it's been a while since I played with any nVidia cards...ask me next week. ;) )

DestumteseL 12-31-03 07:48 PM

All it says is General, Adapter, Monitor, TroubleShooing, Color Management

Edge 12-31-03 08:17 PM

Uh, there's no FX5200 or GeforceFX or some tab like that? OK...that's kinda odd....are you sure you downloaded the right drivers for your OS?

DestumteseL 12-31-03 08:19 PM

Ok, now I got it but I dont know what to do. (nub)

Edit: I turned off vertical sync for OpenGL, is there anything else I need to do?

DestumteseL 12-31-03 09:35 PM

GOD DAMNIT! I still get 4.0 fps and I am starting to get really pissed.

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