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Tempest 12-31-03 10:14 PM

ascii rubbish on shutdown
Hi all,

kernel 2.4.19-13
gigabyte GA7DXE motherboard 4xagp
GeForce4 MX440 64mb ddr
512 ram
amd athlon 1700xp

let me first say that I have tried the following:
I used the new driver from the downloads area,
I used the drivers from Minion.de
I used the patched installer from http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/linux-2.4/ which I
think fixes the agp problems?

with any of the above installers,
and letting the installer compile the kernel module

I get wicked :angel: performance and fps (in windoze at moment so can't get the values)

:( The only problem I do have is that upon shutdown/reboot of the machine,
I get the ascii rubbish which is no good if i need to view the shutdown
process, or X dies and I need to login commandline

I have searched everywhere through the forums and have found no joy.

unless I use the default nvidia_glx & nvidia_kernel from Mandrake that came with the discs
(driver version 1.0-4349) I loose over 700fps compared to the new drivers,
which may not sound too bad but,
I downloaded the gamecreation demo from garagegames.com and found that the demo
would not display the textures correctly, (looked like 8bit graphics)
Not even Mandrake can answer this issue.

Some help would be greatly appriciated with this.
Also this happens with the default nvidia drivers included with the
Mandrake9.2 workstation distro (aka powerpack)

I would try to rebuild the kernel to 2.6 but i have no idea how to do that,
and if it will affect anything else, and if it fixes this error

makhail 01-05-04 10:16 AM

Similar issue
I have the same problem. All my TTYs are unreadable, and shut down gives me total trash. Looks like the refresh rates or the sync-ing is off. Can't find anywhere in linux (Running Mandrake 9.1) to configure what the consoles use. I'll try recompiling my kernel, but I'm still having issues loading the tainted module.

gnumdk 01-06-04 01:45 PM

Problem with framebuffer... Try install 4363, it works...
or put vga=normal in your lilo.conf

makhail 01-07-04 03:06 PM

That fixed it up.. I'm going to go with a vga=ask tonight and see what supported options are. But currently I've got it running on extended and it works great. Seems Nvidia or something set vga=788 or something equally odd. I'll report in later with a list of supported modes, and how they all work.

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