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PCarr78 09-28-02 02:25 AM

Main page posts:
Please stop posting things that originated from the cesspit that is The Inquirer on the main page.

99.99% of the time, it is a load of bull.

Thank you.

ExitWound 09-28-02 08:02 AM

or just make sure they're labelled "RUMOR: " or something.

AshG 09-28-02 09:27 AM

Hasn't this topic been broached before? Oh, for a Merge function at my command! =P

Seriously, I don't like the situation much either. If enough sites would just stand up and ask that more evidence be provided before they post then the point might finally be made.

Journalistic integrity? Bah!

Edit: Bah, I really need to get a new keyboard...

druga runda 09-28-02 02:03 PM

I would have to disagree here, as I am the Inquirer reader too :D as you know, but hey, I'd say everyone should be allowed to post the news that they like, unless Mike has some specific guidelines.

You can just jump over the newspost if it is from the "mini satan of journalism" :D

Matthyahuw 09-28-02 03:58 PM

DIE INQ DIE! :mad:

StealthHawk 09-28-02 07:47 PM

the dessiminator of BS that is the Inquirer will never go away. too many sites, many of them big sites, link to them. even if nV News and every other video card related site ceased linking their "groundbreaking stories" the Inquirer would still exist untouched. and people would still believe them :eek: and their rumors would still be spread around in the forums like wildfire.

pelly 09-28-02 09:23 PM

Well....I've answered this once before....but one more time won't hurt...

Being the main offender here...I'll explain...

The Inquirer is updated much more frequently than most hardware sties...Although 99% of their news is false and based on speculation...it IS news and I find it fun to read....

When the day is going by slow and there is no news around the net to read, it is always amusing to catch a story or two over there....

So long as they continue to post about related topics, I'll continue to link to their page...marking each post as "speculation".... ( ie: Calling post "NV30 Rumor" )

That is, unless the vast majority of you guys are against it...


vampireuk 09-29-02 06:43 AM

*points to the torch waving mob*

run Pelly run!!


pelly 09-29-02 09:06 AM


But it's Sunday and I'm tired and lazy...

Can't you guys just let me walk briskly??? :p


druga runda 10-03-02 03:36 PM

by the way, where did you read first that NV30 will be launched at comdex?

At the Inq :D a few weeks back ;)

pelly 10-03-02 04:01 PM

True...but then again, I think there were 100 other websites and analysts that also picked that date for a launch...

If you think about it...it makes a lot of sense...


Kruno 10-03-02 09:03 PM

Inquirer is a load of crud.

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