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OmegaX 01-02-04 09:05 AM

What game am i thinking of? Pls help
I just recently had the urge to try a game i've player before but i cant seem to think of what it's called. I woudl like your help in finding what it is. I know it's a stand alone PC game that is similar to counter-strike in fact it was made but one of the former people who develpoed counter-strike. He may have made it because he didn't agree with the rest of the team. Thats all i can remember right now if u can help at all i would greatly appreciate it.

eL_PuSHeR 01-02-04 09:24 AM

Counter Strike: Condition Zero? i am not sure.

DenverBuc 01-02-04 09:33 AM


digitalwanderer 01-02-04 10:21 AM

Gunman Chronicles?

DenverBuc 01-02-04 10:54 AM


Originally posted by DenverBuc

That's what I meant!

GlowStick 01-02-04 11:23 AM

This is a wildshot, but anything to do with Action Quake or something like that? thats the only related project that gooseman worked on etc or something etc!~~!#~@~

Edge 01-02-04 02:02 PM

Could it possibly be that Covert Ops (or whatever it's called) game that's a mod for Unreal Tournament? I know they sold it standalone when it got popular (like CS).

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