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StoNer 01-02-04 06:14 PM

Final Fantasy XI benchmark v2
Anyone run this benchmark yet? i got a 3412 on low res with my 5200 lol

and a 2150 on high res.



Post your scores :)

Note: The following scores are for low-resolution mode.

Cannot run - 999: "Too Weak" PC

1000 to 1499: "Easy Prey" PC

1500 to 1999: "Decent Challenge" PC

2000 to 2499: "Even Match" PC

2500 to 2999: "Tough" PC

3000 to 3999: "Very tough" PC

4000 or above: "Incredibly tough" PC

7000 or above: "Impossible to gauge"

Mr.Clawz950 01-02-04 06:40 PM

I just ran it for grins. Low Res was 6229 and High Res was 4941.

StoNer 01-02-04 06:55 PM

very nice score :D

frowncat 10-04-05 12:45 PM

Re: Final Fantasy XI cheats and exploits?
My friend was over the other day, and I showed him http://www.exploitsrus.com/ffxi.html It is a site with cheats, bugs, dupes, etc for final fantasy xi. He told me it was against the rules for ffxi to do this. Is this true? I am used to cheating on video games for my whole life, so I was sort of shocked to hear this.

|MaguS| 10-04-05 12:47 PM

Re: Final Fantasy XI benchmark v2
Get your stupid advertising post out of this forum... why the hell did you have to bump a year old thread aswell?

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