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Nimrod 01-03-04 07:13 PM

Need help installing drive under Suse9.0
I'm running a daul boot system with WinXP and Suse 9.0.. When I boot into Suse9.0 it will not go to XWindows but go to the commandline instead.. During the installation I've download the new updated drive for the video card but is does not work.. when I log in and type startx I'll get and XFree86 error message. I have an Geforce4 Ti 4400, motherboard is an Asus A7V133 and a AMD Duron 1Ghz

I'm new to Linux so I do not know how to attach the /var/log/XFree86.0.log from the commandline

whig 01-03-04 09:57 PM

Getting the nVidia drivers working at 100% on Linux can be a big effort. But by trial and error I got there at the end. I suggest you get X Windows working first. Backup your XF86Config before each major change you make so you can go back.

Suse 9.0 comes with SaX2 - that program can get you a working starting point. That may do something, but it probably won't do OpenGL fast. You may find SaX2 has given you a config that uses the "vesa" or "nv" Driver - which is OK for 2D. After either of those is working use the downloaded nVidia drivers and go for Driver "nvidia".

Nimrod 01-07-04 02:32 PM

Thx guy but right after I've post this msg I've rebooted into Linux and it just started to work. :D I've done nothing... I'm guessing the it is using the nvidia drivers because during boot up I see the Nvidia Logo Splash Screen before XWindows start.

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