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esuvs 01-04-04 05:50 PM

Mandrake 9.2 - Can't compile softwre with NVidia drivers.

I've installed the nvidia drivers and they seem to work fine. However, I have a problem in that much software using OpenGL will now not compile. When compiling software I typically get an error such as:

cannot find '/usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so'

and indeed this file does not exist, though i have seen libGL.so.1.2 and others (although they seem to have disappeared at the moment...). Uninstalling the nvidia drivers causes '/usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so' to reappear and stuff compiles as normal.

How do I solve this? I guess what I really need to know is:

1) What files get created by the nvidia installer. Are they .so, .a, .la, etc.

2) Where do they get put?

3) How can I make software look in the correct place when linking?

Thanks in advance,


p.s. Should probably point out that I have Mesa installed, which is how come i can compile/run software without nvidia drivers.

makhail 01-05-04 09:54 AM

Headers and source files
Not too sure if this will help you much. But you can simply extract the archive in order to get/see all the files that Nvidia puts in. Also There is a reference for getting the headers too. It's all in the documentation, I'd quote it here for you, but I don't have it on the system. (Trapped on a windoze box @ work) But you can find the docs in /usr/share/docs/NVIDIA

There'll be all the info you need in there.

Hope that helps.

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