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sirexar 01-04-04 05:56 PM

Release date on 2.6.0 drivers?

thinkliberty 01-04-04 07:10 PM

who cares
There are already 2.6 working drivers at
http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/linux-2.6/ :rw:

just run the installer like you would the 2.4 version. :jumping:

sirexar 01-04-04 08:18 PM

Any difference?
Any difference between those and the minion.de stuff? and i meant official release.

LaNcom 01-05-04 11:52 AM

Nope, these are minions' patches...
What's wrong with that?

radixvir 01-05-04 05:42 PM

OT: LaNcom

how much did that computer cost you? my computer looks like a toy compared

LaNcom 01-05-04 09:38 PM

I think about 6500 Euro (about 8200 $ US) also including a Zip250, Wacom Intuos2 USB tablet (expensive), Coolermaster case, Enermax PSU, SUN keyboard etc... - the sgi display was _very_ expensive (but well worth the money). I'm still waiting for the 248 Opteron, going to buy two of them and another gig of Corsair mem when they become available in Germany...

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