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elrond 01-04-04 06:10 PM

1.0.4496 drivers and kernel 2.6.0 not working
I followed this guide to get the 1.0.4496 drivers working. I'm running Debian testing, and didn't really have any trouble getting the necessary modules compiled. I made the necessary changes in XF86Config-4 (see attachment). My user is the video group. As it stands, when I try bringing up X, the nvidia splashscreen appears, followed by blackness. This repeats a little bit, and then it's all just black. I get the same behavior with the default options, with Option "NvAgp" "1" and with Option "NvAgp" "0". Relevant log output is attached. My hardware is rather old (TNT2 chipset), but it worked fine under 2.4.x and some older nvidia binary drivers, so I know the driver can power my hardware.

If there is any additional information I can provide you to help me, just ask. Thanks in advance!

elrond 01-05-04 08:29 PM


I'm still very much in need of assistance. If you think you might be able to help, I'd really appreciate it.

LaNcom 01-05-04 10:23 PM

Well, that one looks like the problems I had with my Opteron - it was caused by my NPTL - enabled glibc. Maybe the wrong GLX was installed on your system?

elrond 01-05-04 10:53 PM

Everything working!
Thanks for the reply LaNcom. Your post prompted me to run through the howto again using the packages and patches for Debian unstable. Everything appears to be in good working order now.


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