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drknow 01-04-04 09:04 PM

Redhat 9 installation Problems
I am having some issues installing Redhat 9 on my computer. It goes fine untill it tries to load the install GUI, at which time the screen goes blank. My graphics card is a GeForce FX 5200, and I am sure it is the problem. Is there a way around this problem, and if so, what is it?
Thad Blankenship

JK_Aslan 01-05-04 01:38 AM

im having the exact same problem with mine ..... i have redaht 9 and the same nVidia fx 5200 card it was working before i tried to reinstall redhat. When i installed it a blank screen came and my monitor shut off. i have to restart.
I tried to overcome this problem by installing redhat on a different computer and moving the hard drive back when i finished but this didnt work either...
i am up for help too.... this really needs to be fixed but i cant exactly tell you much more for two reasons .... 1. i am a newbie 2. i cant access anything.

Thanks , any help would be appreciated

Silent Bob 01-05-04 03:54 AM

Hi there,

The problems you are having are down to the VESA drivers with Redhat 9.0 and some Nvidia cards, do a text install and then put the nvidia driver on 4496 works(Not tried the new one yet), make sure you edit XF86Config as required and things shpuld be fine.


JK_Aslan 01-05-04 05:37 AM

thanx SB ill have to try that tomorrow.... ill post if anything else happens

drknow 01-05-04 02:42 PM

Ok, I see how that should work, but i have no idea of how to do it in redhat 9. I dont even know how to boot into text mode with linux. I installed redhat with the text mode, but the screen still goes blank whenever it goes to the login screen. I will try to figure this out on my own, but any help would be great.

drknow 01-05-04 03:41 PM

Ok, I got into text mode by putting the installation cd in drive E and typing linux rescue(this is the best way isnt it?). I put the driver CD i made in drive D(all it has is the NVIDIA-Linux-x86-blahblahblah.run file). The question I have is how do i access this file. I tried doing cd D:/, and then i did the sh <filename>.run and it said that no such directory or something like that. I know that this is a newbie question, but if I can get linux running in graphical mode I can figure it all out. Thanks in advance for all of your help.

JK_Aslan 01-06-04 10:15 PM

Well you need to mount your cdrom to access it... type 'mount /dev/cdrom' this should do the trick to access it type 'cd /mnt/cdrom'
i had the same problem with the blank screen ... i used Alt+Ctrl+Backspace a couple of times to turn the screen back on ... or reinstall linux and instead of typing 'linux text' you type 'linux askmethod text' . and tell it to use text login instead of graphic. (i think thats how you do it.

i know how to do this but if there is anyone here to tell me how to use the .run file i got. it would be great.


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