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UDawg 01-04-04 09:47 PM

Thanks Mike!
I enjoyed your review on the Soltek Qbic system. I gave me the info I need to get a SFF system for my son. :thumbsup: The price and features make this a very attractive basic system for me.



The Baron 01-04-04 10:03 PM

man oh man, update on the US availability--I want to grab a SFF system (or maybe just a small tower) to take with me to college (or use while I'm running benchmarks on El Gigante Tower that weighs about 50 pounds)... and yeah, that's VERY attractive, especially since I know that the Lite-On 411S DVD burner is a friggin tiny CD drive (smallest I've ever seen--its depth is like the diameter of a CD plus one inch).

UDawg 01-04-04 11:13 PM


Originally posted by The Baron
man oh man, update on the US availability

I forgot to ask that. Please do keep us updated on its release.

vampireuk 01-05-04 12:54 AM

I quite like those SFF's, when things pick up I may get one as a secondary machine for when I'm moving around:cool:

cap209 01-05-04 04:31 AM

Possible reseller
IoCombo.com used to carry the Qbic as well as a lot of other Soltek products. I don't know if they are out of stock or just stopped carrying them. I will send them an email to find out.

Solomon 01-05-04 09:13 AM

Soltek don't sell their SFF's anymore in the U.S. as they pulled out of the U.S. market. Newegg was the last known reseller to Soltek's SFF's. Nowadays stores don't want to have to deal straight on with Soltek because the shipping rates are insane and if you want to save some money you'll have to order a bunch of SFF's. Which most online stores these days don't want to risk.

Needless to say it's close to impossible locating a Soltek SFF in the states. If you do. You'll be paying a lot of money for it.

Solomon 01-05-04 09:16 AM

Last known Soltek SFF's: http://www.atacom.com/program/atacom..._barebone_copy

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