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dnoyeB 01-05-04 03:48 PM

nforce always requires kernel rebuild why?
Does anyone know why the nforce drivers never work without rebuilding the kernel. When I install a kernel, then the associated source, and try to build an nforce driver to match the source, the driver would never work. It would only work if I also build from the downloaded source, as if the kernels dont match the kernel-sources for some reason :confused:

This always was the case with RH8, but I have not actually tried with RH9 yet.

geowiz 01-10-04 09:07 AM

You don't really have to rebuild the kernel. What is happening (as I understand it) is that the build of the driver has dependencies on the kernel source and since you haven't "built" the kernel, the files needed to satisfy those dependencies aren't "made" yet.

If you have the config file that was used to build your kernel, you should be able to do a "make dep" in the kernel source directory and then build your driver. No need to do a full kernel make.

"make dep" actually builds the make files, some include files and makes sym-links in the source directory that are necessary to build modules.

Hope that helps. Cheers

dnoyeB 01-12-04 11:16 PM

Ahh, Ill have to make a note of that and try it out.

I been building all my kernels for the heck of it, but if their is no need, i will gladly stop :D

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