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eL_PuSHeR 01-06-04 05:10 AM

Stuck in Counter-Strike:Conditon Zero
Well i am in a place where i've got to kill some VIP shielded behind a bullet-proof window. I've reached the other side by jumping over the two gondolas and i've thrown grenades everyplace i see. WTH?

jimbob0i0 01-06-04 05:17 AM

Hmm? It's out already? I thought it wasn't due till feb now???

marqmajere 01-06-04 06:42 AM

The prerelease isn't untill 3/24/04.

The Baron 01-06-04 07:20 AM

If it looks like warez, sounds like warez, and tastes like warez... But if it's not, somebody PM me and I'll unlock this.

The Baron 01-06-04 06:31 PM

The Man With The Amazing Exploding Trousers (Head_slinger) tells me that he saw it at retail. Holy Crap, another Valve-ish game shipped. Crazy.

de><ta 01-06-04 07:21 PM

They probably rushed it out (after 3 years) in order to get more funds for rewriting their HL2 source....:rolleyes:

StealthHawk 01-07-04 12:38 AM

This is in stores? WTF? Since when :eek:

Although the damn game went gold a looooong time ago in October :p I don't think it's out...

UDawg 01-07-04 01:03 AM

It isn't out yet. If Eb and Gamestop don't have it then it ain't out.

-=DVS=- 01-07-04 02:49 AM

There is few more people got it from different shops i talked while playing online game , but they say its crap... . Dunno maybe its warez or maybe not they claim its not warez i have no interest to care thought :rolleyes:

Morrow 01-07-04 09:54 AM

Counter-strike : Condition Zero has NOT yet been released! There is even still no release date available.

Of course it's always possible that the leaked full game is available for buying at the black market, same as for the HL2 beta leak.

MUYA 01-07-04 10:03 AM

The console version has been released in Hong Kong. ...console version i think X Box, no idea about the PC version though??

UDawg 01-07-04 11:59 AM


Originally posted by MUYA
The console version has been released in Hong Kong. ...console version i think X Box, no idea about the PC version though??
Isn't that just Counter Strike and not CS Condition Zero? We have the XBox version of CS also.

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