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Webgraph 01-06-04 04:40 PM

NVidia 5328 won't install on Slackware 9.0!

I installed Slackware Linux 9.0 a week or two ago since I could no longer use my Windows 2000. However, I downloaded the NVidia driver build 5328 and here is what I got:

No precompiled kernel was found in the package extracted.
No precompiled kernel was found on NVidia's web site.
The kernel cannot be compiled becaise it supposedly could not find the Linux headers.
Indicates the installer has failed and exits the console.

This was done in pure console mode (not through Gnome Terminal nor Konsole) and the kernel version included is 2.4.20. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

juliano 01-06-04 06:04 PM

try set KERNEL_INCLUDES path

Talornin 01-07-04 03:17 AM

Download the kernel-headers for your kernel (uname -r) and use --kernel-include-path /path/to/kernel/headers/include

This worked for me.

Webgraph 01-08-04 05:06 AM

Just including --kernel-include-path /usr/include fixed all the problems. And also, I found this version (5328) to install much smoother than the last several times I installed NVidia 3123 on Linux (Mandrake and Slackware). Thanks a lot. Now if only I had all the proper libraries to run Kaffeine correctly (like libfam.so.0), LOL! :D

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