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Marcus-sp 01-07-04 01:51 PM

Red Had 9 & GeForce FX 5600 256ddr
1) I tryed to install red had 9, the graphic interface (anaconda) don't reconice de graphic card and the screen become black.

2) Then I installed red had 9 whith text mode.

3) Then I installed the nvidia driver version 1.0-5328. I did all the intructions who are in the readme file.

4) When I used the command startx the screen become black.


I tryed to do the same with another card (geforce 4) and this worcks correctly.


I have a:
AMD XP 2000
geForce FX 5600 256 DDR
AOC TFT 17" LM720A

sorry for my english I'm from Spain.

sirio_es 01-11-04 10:03 AM

Hi Marucus-sp

I have the same problem with the same model of graphic card. I didn't read your message and I have sent a similar problem to the forum. It is courious, I am from spain also. You only have to check my english :-).

I hope that someone asnwer us.



sirio_es 01-11-04 02:54 PM

solved following dpw2atox

I have been checking the forum and I have found a simple solutions provided by dpw2ato. The original subject was "Red Hat 9.0 and GeforceFX 5600".

You have to install Red Hat in text mode and change in the XF86Config the line that says vesa to nv. It is simple. Then you can run startx and modify the graphic card to a NVIDIA GEFORCE FX.


Marcus-sp 01-12-04 07:04 AM

Los drivers de la web de nvidia no rulan. No se porque pero no tiran.

Encontre los drivers antiguos y estos si que tiran. Los puedes vajar de :


The new nvidia drivers don't work. I don't now why...

I founded the older drivers and this works ok. you can download them from here:


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