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Soul-Crusher 01-08-04 02:48 PM

Tyan s2885 and AGP graphics
This doesn't really concern nVidia products specifically, but since there are a few people around here with this board I thought this question might be appropriate anyway.

I recently noticed something really weird on a Tyan board I've been using for non-graphical tasks--When I lspci, the AMD 8151 does not show up with normal BIOS (Shows up with LinuxBIOS, though). The AMD 8151 is the AGP tunneling device.

I can install the nVidia drivers, I can start X, but I'm not exactly sure why this is all possible when the AGP tunnel is invisible.

Can any other S2885 user out there do an "lspci" and tell me if you see the AMD 8151?

krob57 01-09-04 11:49 AM

I did it and I see AMD8151. SuSe 9.0 x86_64 2.4.21-171-smp.

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