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mrobbert 01-08-04 06:07 PM

rotate with nvidia driver
I am assisting a professor at our university with some research that he is going to be doing. We are going to be purchasing some computers in the near future and were hoping to use nVidia graphics cards under Linux, but I don't know if they can do what we need. First of all the graphics needs to be hardware accelerated so from the looks of it we'll have to use nVidia's closed source drivers for that. Second we'll be outputting to two LCD projectors to pretty much fill a wall with our display. That isn't a problem with TwinView or Xinerama. The third requirement is the problem, we want both of the displays to be rotated 90 degrees. i.e. We want an effective resolution of 2048x1280 not 2568x1024 or 1280x2048.
I have seen a couple of other requests for rotation with nVidia driver, but no positive responses so far. Is this possible or will it be possible in the near future?
If not, does anybody know how to do it with any other hardware?

Thank in advance,
Michael "Murph" Robbert

rednuht 01-16-04 07:52 AM

might sound silly but
as Nvidia are not likely to support rotation for a while why not just mount your LCD projectors on their sides ...

mrobbert 01-16-04 10:34 AM

mounting the projectors on their sides was how we were going to get those resolutions(actually I don't know exactly what resolutions we're actually going to have, but I just use those as an example). The problem is getting a user interface that is usable. If we turn the projectors on thier sides the mouse will need to be rotated as well and that doesn't make it easy to use and then you have all the text that you'll have to twist your neck to read.
Hopefully most of the work will be done in a custom app that could be written to account for the rotation, but I would much rather have a fully working system along with it.

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