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delapierre 01-10-04 09:23 AM

nvagp.o driver

Where can I find the nvagp.o driver ?



SuLinUX 01-10-04 10:04 AM

That is part of the driver package thats can be used for the nvagp mode, what are you tring to do?

delapierre 01-10-04 10:08 AM

nvagp.o driver
I have a lot of problems with the nvidia driver which causes my Xwindows system to tandomly freeze.
I have read that the replacment of the agpgart.o driver by the nvagp.o one can solve the problem.
I would try it.



zander 01-10-04 12:32 PM

You're thinking of the builtin NVIDIA AGP GART driver; it can be selected with the XFree86 driver option NvAgp set to "1", provided Linux AGPGART is not loaded.

delapierre 01-10-04 04:38 PM

nvagp.o driver
I have tried this option, but without success.

I am now looking to energy economy parameters.
I have noticed that the energy economy is different between only kdm (it is only a black screen) and gnome (the background image is still present and the card seems no longer generate the synchro).

And X seems to be stable in the first mode and unstable in the second one.



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