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hewei 01-10-04 09:52 AM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 supported?
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is said to be supported by version 1.0-5328.
It seemed true when I installed the driver simply by typing 'sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5328-pkg1.run'. Buf after I modified the XF86Config file as guided and startx, the screen keeps blank with only two of the keyboard LEDs blinking steadily. There is no other ways to restore except pressing reset. However there is actually no error message in the XFree86.0.log file. It looks as if it was just blocked during the process. I've really had no idea.


OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3
kernel: default
X Server: 4.3.0
Graphics Card: Geforce 2 GTS
CPU: AMD Athlon

zander 01-10-04 12:30 PM

You're likely encountering a known AGP related problem with 1.0-5328; the replacement installer available from http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/linux-2.4 addresses it.

hewei 01-11-04 01:30 AM

Thanks a lot. Perhaps the precompiled kernel module for 2.4.21-4.EL kernel of "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3" is not appropiate so that a locally compiled one should be built in order to make use of it.

scottz 01-11-04 03:25 AM

On RedHat Enterprise WS 3, I had to re-compile the kernel after I installed the Nvidia driver for it to work.

The recompile was also necessary again when I upgraded the kernel to the latest patch.


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