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svarreby 01-11-04 08:33 AM

Slack9.1 + 2.6.1 + Nvidia = No X
Hi guys!

I have 2 kernels - 2.6.1 and 2.4.(the default Slackware 9.1 kernel)

I have installed Nvidia with the .run-file (from www.sh.nu - a link from www.minion.de) and everything went well. I have'nt passed any extra parameters when I installed Nvidia.

I did edit the XF86Config and then I rebooted, everything is OK until where the X session manager should start. The boot process hangs and it won't continue.

What should I do in the first place? Should I uninstall Nvidia and install it again with some "extra" parameters?

If not, what would be the first thing to do?

If I have to use the "rescue-CD", what's the steps to walk thru?

Thanks in advance

Sarco 01-11-04 08:57 AM

I use Mandrake 9.2, but I also had some Problems with the drivers...

first of all: try to boot to a lower runlevel (3 instead of 5, then the system starts BUT the dm is not loaded, it starts in rl 5). When this works uninstall the drivers and use a (hopefully saved) older XConfig...

My expirience ist thalt the newer drivers 5xxx sometimes cause problems, check out if you find a older version, mayby it works (- on Mandrake it did... ;) )


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