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twlaub 01-11-04 12:49 PM

kernel headers not recognized?
I have been trying to install the nvidia driver on two systems: a RedHat v9 system and RedHat v7.2 system. The first thing that happened is that the script said the interface had to be compiled and that it needed the kernel headers. These exist on both systems and they are the ones that came with the distibutions. Both systems are fresh installs. The next thing I tried was using the "--kernel-header-path=" option and giving it the path as described in the FAQ (the headers were just where they were supposed to be). I get the same message. Anyone know why the script does not recognize the kernel headers? They must be the ones that match the kernal since these are both fresh installs.

Tom Laub

SuLinUX 01-11-04 02:03 PM

Are you sure the kernel-source matches your kernel version because it seems to me thats not the case.

twlaub 01-11-04 08:34 PM

re: kernel headers
I don't see how they could not match the kernel. They are the headers and the kernel supplied with the RedHat install package(s). The kernel has not been modified in any way. The error message from the driver install script does not say they are the wrong headers, it just says that it needs them (it doesn't really even say it cannot find them--that is implied). From what I've seen on other posts if I have the wrong headers then the compiled interface bombs. None of the messages from the driver install script indicate that it is even trying to compile an interface module.

Other suggestions? All I really want to do is get the X-window system going so I can have the gnome desktop and not have a command line only system.


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