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zarathushtra 09-29-02 05:35 AM

Absence Nvidia in /dev/
yesterday i recieve message from Nvidia about my problem. I check it and reveal that i don`t have nvidia in my /dev/.
How can i correct this?
Thanks for yhe help

bwkaz 09-29-02 07:43 AM

Does lsmod show NVdriver?

If so, then you've got issues with something deleting your devices. Try something like this (as root):


for i in 0 1 2 3 ; do
    mknod /dev/nvidia$i c 195 $i
mknod /dev/nvidiactl c 195 255

If, on the other hand, NVdriver isn't listed in lsmod's output, then load it -- modprobe NVdriver and check to see if the devices are there. If not, do the mknod stuff above.

You can edit /etc/modules.conf to make the driver load automatically on every boot, if that was the problem (the line is either alias char-major-195 NVdriver or alias /dev/nvidia* NVdriver, depending on whether or not you use devfs).

zarathushtra 09-29-02 03:43 PM

I have this alais in my modules.conf but NVdriver doesn`t loaded automaticaly maybe because of i am loading in init:3

bwkaz 09-29-02 05:43 PM

Which alias line?

If you have the char-major one, then you still need the devices to exist before the module will load. If you use the /dev/nvidia* line, then the module will load when X needs it, and you'll also get the devices at that time (however, this only works if you're running devfs and devfsd). ps -C devfsd should show devfsd running (if you are in fact using it); if it is running, you need the /dev/nvidia* alias.

zarathushtra 09-30-02 07:30 AM

I have now /dev/nvidia*.

What about command `ldconfig` need i use it ? If i do then how ?

bwkaz 09-30-02 12:01 PM

You might need to ldconfig, and if you do it, it won't hurt anything else. Become root, then just ldconfig, that should be all there is to it.

Now that the alias is there (and you'll probably want to depmod -a as root also, to update the dependencies and the alias cache), do you see any files when you ls /dev/nvidia0?

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