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palmwave 01-12-04 06:46 AM

Problems starting X with Nvidia Card

I am wondering if someone could please take the time to help me. I just installed Mandrake 9.2 . I then tried to start x. This did not work, so I
wen to the Nvidia website, and using wget downloaded the drivers for Linux.
First I downloaded driver number 4496, because I had this link from before (I had a similar problem with Red Hat)
I tried to install it, but it didn't work, it gave me this whole thing about how it could not find the headers for my kernel, and that it could nto find it on
Nvidia's FTP server. I went to the Nvidia website were I cam across a newer looking driver, number 5328.
I got this and installed, and the installation worked.

This is where my problem is: I figured startx would work now, only it doesn't.
I get this error:
"Error: API mismatch:
The NVIDIA kernel module is version 1.0.4496, but this X module is version 1.0.5328 .
Please be sure that your kernel and all Nvidia driver files have the same driver version."

Also, I did edit the XF86Config file, but it already said nvidia for driver. I also put in Load "GLX" but that just gave me a seperate error when I did startx,
so I took it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

energyman76b 01-12-04 05:07 PM


very simple.

The old 4496 kernel modul was still loaded, this forcing X to abort.

Solution: remove all nvidia.o files from /lib/modules/<yourkernelversioen>/
reinstall the 5328 drivers, reboot.

pak9rabid 01-12-04 06:05 PM

you could also run the .run file that the drivers come with, passing the uninstall option to get them removed if u don't feel comfortable deleting modules.

energyman76b 01-12-04 08:06 PM


the new driver should have removed the old modul and did not.
So removing it by hand is faster than using the installer and let it fail a second time.

Glück Auf

saaz 02-07-04 09:40 PM

same problem
I'm having the same problem but energyman's solution doesn't work for me. I can't figure out how it keeps finding/loading the old driver.

Using Mandrake 9.2.

zander 02-08-04 04:34 AM

Since the old module is being loaded, modprobe likely knows where it is: modprobe -l | grep nvidia should tell you. Similarly, something like find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -name nvidia.o should find any recent (Linux 2.4) NVIDIA kernel module installed for the currently running kernel. Note that if the module was installed in some exotic location and is loaded manually with insmod, the installer won't have a way to find out.

saaz 02-08-04 12:20 PM

Problem fixed
The solution was actually pretty simple. I used rpmdrake to search for 'NVIDIA' and then removed the old driver package with it. Then, reinstall the new driver - I think either the mdk .rpm or the Nvidia .run would have worked at this point but I used the .rpm.

The misleading part was originally whenever I ran the .run file and went through all the steps, it would say it successfully removed the old driver when it really didn't. Also, removing the nvidia.o file from the kernel modules dir and then rebooting had no effect.

dalton65 02-08-04 09:41 PM

Hey I installed the nvidia driver by using sh nvidia (name of drive).run --extract-only then I change to the directory of the driver "cd nvidia (name of driver) and then typed " make install" . and I just change "nv" to "nvidia" on my xf86config-4 file and then I typed " modprobe nvidia" in failsafe mode after I reboot. then i reboot and then can the huge NVIDIA sign and I almost knocked over my coffee jumping up and down in joy.
I tested it out on bzflag. it was a little choppy but I'll take..haha. well thanks and for those using mandrake 9.1 or just mandrake the kernel is little funky so you may hav e to use the last resort method like I did but it works. Time to do some gaming...peace

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