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nowlin 01-13-04 03:23 PM

counterstrike fps is falling
the new nvidia driver is installed in my system. but when i play counterstrike th fps is 70 but after a couple of minutes its down at 30 fps. if i run glxgears i only get 2000 fps. thats not enough i have a nvidia gf4. what could be wrong.

sorry my bad english

p0lish_p0w3r 01-14-04 01:51 AM

What gf4 do u have ?

There are console commands in CS that u need to type in:
fps_max 99
rate 20000

Then in your card properties disable AA/AF. If that does not help - turn v-sync off. Reinstalling drivers must have reset card properties to defaults.

nowlin 01-14-04 11:20 AM

its a gf4 440. where can i find the card propaties. im using fedora

p0lish_p0w3r 01-14-04 11:29 PM

I just notcied this is linux forum.

Under windows u adjust card properties by right clicking in the desktop - properties

Gf440 - u definately need to play @ 1024 max and AA/AF disabled, v-sync off to have as many fps. I had 99 with my gf2mx. Make sure you type in those console commands as well

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