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MAD_COMMANDER 01-13-04 05:25 PM

Nvidia driver asks for Binutils
When installing the "NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5328-pkg1.run" driver from nvidia's home page i use the CTRL+ALT+F1 to get out if my KDE desktop.. and then proseed to login to my root account.

i then type /1.run (because i shortend the file name)

and it comes up asking if i have binutils installed. so i read the ReadMe file which sayz to go in to the directory where your saveddriver is so i type CD /. which then give me the directory.. in the read me file it aslo sayz type "SH" so i then type "sh 1.run"

which it again asks about my binutils and something to with lb

I have no clue what its talking about

this is my first time using linux. i have Mandrake 9.2 and im litarly installing my first nvidia driver in linux..

Please can some one give me a step by step Guide to do this.. i don't know kernals etc.. or what most of the addressies mean :(

I guess MS has corrupted my brain for its simplisty.. i think a duble click EXE like the detonators would more simple. but as usal in the pc world nothing is

Thanks for you help

rednuht 01-19-04 06:46 AM

sounds like you need to install gcc
sounds like you need to install gcc the compiler, but I have not heard of this before, maybe everyone does install the GCC compiler.

zander 01-19-04 07:22 AM

It asks for the binutils since it needs (at the very least) ld to link the binary kernel module component and the appropriate prebuilt kernel interface file; it requires additional development tools such as gcc and properly configured kernel sources if it can't find a precompiled kernel interface file matching the running kernel. This is documented in the README.

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