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PanzerGEN 01-13-04 11:03 PM

"nvpanel" audio configuration
Hi, I see from the latest nforce driver README that 6 channel output is enabled by using an Audio Control Panel. However I cannot find this utility upon installation, and running "nvpanel" does nothing. Is there a separate file for this utility? Where can I obtain "nvpanel"?

Matt Davidson

Phil_FR_ 05-28-04 10:16 AM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
Same problem: Where is this *nvpanel* ??????????



Fedora Core 1 :screwy:

Kamel 05-29-04 12:15 PM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
if i were guessing your problems lie in the fact that you aren't using nvidia's closed source drivers that include the utility... you're using alsa.

if your sound works at all and you've got the 2.6 kernel, then you must be using alsa (with the soundstorm card that is).

my suggestion to you: alsamixergui -- or just alsamixer

good luck.

FraGMenT 05-31-04 09:48 AM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
I guys, my first reply :)

I use gnu/linux debian and there is not any .deb package so i musta use the tar.gz :(
I dont use alsa, I still use OSS from 2.4.26 kernel. I would like to know how to activate the 6 channels cuz it seems the nvpanel utility isnt in the sources of the package :screwy:

Really tnx

PD: sorry 4 my english, but hey, im spanish :rolleyes:

Kamel 05-31-04 11:58 AM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
you need to get the closed-source nvidia audio drivers from www.nvidia.com afaik

lunix3 05-31-04 02:46 PM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
I am using Slack 9.1 (2.4.22 kernel) on an Asus a7n266-vm mobo w/nforce 1 chipset
I installed proprietary nforce 1.0-0274 drivers from source tarball and am also having trouble finding "nvpanel"
I have searched by name w/ no results. no binaries, no links, nada.
Otherwise install worked fine -- plain old stereo. previous nforce install was also legit -- no alsa in that setup. Seems latest nv audio release is missing some screws. :wtf: I now have ALSA setup as a stopgap until a soloution materializes. anybody actually using nvpanel successfully out there?

Spriggan 05-31-04 03:01 PM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
hey guys (and girls)

Also just downloaded the nforce drivers, 1.0-0274 and also missing the "nvpanel" application???

i have used ALSA and the nvaudio OSS driver, both work with sound, but no nvidia audio control panel :(


Spriggan 06-04-04 12:43 AM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
it appears that you can now download the nvpanel as a stand alone RPM or the source code.


see step 5 at the bottom. gonna try it tonight


HighTemplar 06-06-04 05:04 PM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
well...after installing the nforce drivers found myself in exactly the same situation as you do. I tried to execute the command 'NVAUDIO" (same as in Windows) and voilá...the nForce Audio Panel appeared on screen.
However the panel is useless (particularly here) because it doesn't let me set up the the speakers nor the volume levels.
Still looking for the answer....

Hope this works for you. :)

Spriggan 06-23-04 04:53 AM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration
Hi HighTemplar

The NVAUDIO app works fine on my machine, very happy with it :) the solution might lie in the loaded modules fo your system. If you are using alsa sound, i don't think this app will work. the following line has to be in the modules.conf file

alias sound-slot-0 nvaudio

Then when in X, run the app and check the third tab, it should tell you the driver version numbers and then it should work.

Good luck

blueworm 06-23-04 08:08 AM

Re: "nvpanel" audio configuration

Originally Posted by Kamel
you need to get the closed-source nvidia audio drivers from www.nvidia.com afaik

Nvaudio is open source it is the nvnet drivers that are closed-sorce.

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