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gnumdk 01-14-04 01:00 PM

Please make frame buffer and Gforce 4 working again!
I've got a Gforce 4:

Model: GeForce4 MX 440
IRQ: 10
Video BIOS:
Card Type: AGP

I use NVagp and not agpgart.
I use Vesa frame buffer.

With drivers <= 4363, framebuffer works.
With drivers > 4363, framebuffer works but after X is started, if i go to console, i've got strange char on screen...

So i always use 4363 drivers version :(

I have tested with drivers > 4363 and GeForce FX 5200 and it works, same with a TNT2.

I know two people who have a Geforce 4 and they have the same problem :-/

LordMorgul 01-17-04 04:31 AM

Corruption (the strange chars) on the framebuffer, or even on text consoles, after X has started seems common with the mx440 cards. Searching the forum for posts regarding this shows several threads that discuss it. No real fix, but you could:
-compile the kernel without agpgart at all, no module to ensure it doesn't load first
-use Zander's patched nvidia drivers, check www.minion.de
-disable acpi and apm

rengels 01-17-04 06:08 PM

yes, funny
yes. funny that Nvidia has such problems with the console.

A fix that I used is to switch of the TV output via Option "IgnoreDevice" "TV"
This always works, but of course you can't view videos on the TV after this (even if you start another x-server)

The new 5... driver seems to fix it though, but I have a lot of other funny issues with it.

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