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imtim83 09-29-02 04:21 PM

Why in Spider-Man The Movie PC Game only some levels i go to will freeze?
Why in Spider-Man The Movie PC Game only some levels i go to will freeze? Like the 2nd to last level, etc.

Ok i was letting my 5 year old nephew play Spider-Man The Movie PC Game and the first level worked fine without freezing at all. But then when i did this cheat to open all levels i went to some of the levels and some of the levels would like start fine then suddening slow down a lot with sound skipping then suddenly freeze totally. Its really strange. It was like the 2nd to last level and a few others. The 1st level , 2nd, 3rd and some more levels we tried worked fine but not all of them did. But when it freezes its like a hard lockup where i have to restart my computer. BTW all other games i tried worked fine without any hard lockups or freezes so far. Even GTA3, unreal 2003,etc

Here are system specs. I am on windows xp pro. btw.

Abit KT7A raid mobo
Athlon XP 1800+
Leadtek GF4 ti 4400 video card
Santa Cruz sound card
Maxtor 45 gig 7200 rpm HD ATA 100
dlink ethernet card
Antec 330 watt truepower power supply

*Remember i played all kind of other games like RTCW, quake 3 arean, unreal 2003,NOLF 2, GTA3, etc pretty much and have not had any freezing or hard lockups in those games. *

If anyone else has played this game with all levels espically the 2nd to last level just fine without freezing/ hard lockups in some of the levels please tell me your system specs. Thanks.

Smokey 09-29-02 07:22 PM

check acclaims web site for the patch. I dont have this game, but looked for a friend once, I cant remeber what the patch fixed but it may help.

imtim83 09-29-02 07:37 PM

Smokey guess what. I did that before i even posted this post. So i am one step ahead of everyone. :) Sorry that i did not post that in my topic. I still get the same freezing/lockups in spiderman the movie pc game after i install the patch :(

imtim83 09-30-02 06:30 PM


kuzujanakis 10-01-02 07:03 AM

In my experience...

If you are having problems with a particular game that is not "common" with other people, it usually points to some hardware issue on your machine. Overclocking is the biggest cause of most of these problems. If you are doing any (your cpu / fsb / video card) then I suggest backing down a bit and seeing if the problem goes away.

imtim83 10-03-02 09:21 PM

I ruled out that its not a heat issue. I just don't understand how some levels on Spider-Man The Movie Pc Game can run fine without any freezing/hard lockups ever and then others do. I just don't get it. Thats crazy!

Anyone know what else the problem could be please? I don't understand this problem at all. I mean heck i tried everything.

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