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markbar 01-15-04 10:30 AM

problems with fx 5200 in suse 9.0
Hi all,
I´ve actually read the readme above :D and would like to post my problem:


suse 9.0
athlon xp 2500+
asrock k7 forgotten the rest
512 MB RAM
gainward fx 5200 agp 128 MB
latest athlon specific kernel offered from update site

I installed the system with and without the driver offered during install and then tried to install the 5328 drivers in order to enable 3d etc...
I followed all steps in the readme, installed the extra kernel sources and have the "nvidia" drivers as opposed to the "nv" set. Problem: there is no configuration available for my monitor (highscreen ms1779p, max res 1024x768) and card that passes the test available in sax2/yast2 and thus I´m back to the "nv" set which doesn´t have any 3d ability.....

I´ve flicked through the forum and seen that I´m not alone with this problem although I certainly feel it.....

Do Linux and fx5200 just not get on ??

When I tried to use the text editor method with config file I couldn´t get back above init 3

thanks in advance,

PS edit: I have some experience of manual file editing but am fairly new to linux

energyman76b 01-15-04 06:54 PM


I have linux and a fx5200.

I am starting X now with a miniscript (startx, sleep5, killall -9 X, /etc/init.d/xdm start), because the first time X is starting, it hangs while initializing the AGP interface, but after that, everything is very fine.

kiedisp 01-15-04 07:18 PM

hi energyman76...

how do i add the mini script ? pls advise ....




energyman76b 01-15-04 07:55 PM

just put

sleep 5
killall -9 X
/etc/init.d/xdm start

into a textfile chmod+x bingo...


I was just tired of sysreq-i & restarting all services, crud but good enough ;o)

kiedisp 01-16-04 12:36 AM

hi energyman78...

thnks for the advise ... i'm facing this problem that everytime i choose linux and it starts loading ... but it jus can't load into GUI .... the monitor will jus turn off by itself ... pls advise if there is anything that i need to do ... thank you ... cheers


sehh 01-16-04 05:15 AM

Try an older driver than the latest one.

energyman76b 01-16-04 11:07 AM


my problem, the freezing X, is there with all nvidia-driver versions, I tried.

4496, 4620 and 5528, no difference.

sehh 01-16-04 01:36 PM

I had a similar problem at some point.

Apparently the Linux nvidia driver, when it sees a TV is connected, then it defaults
the output to the TV out only.

I would reboot all the time, and once X loaded, i would loose signal in my CRT monitor,
it took me a few weeks to figure out that the nvidia driver would default to the TV out
port when the TV was connected.

I solved it by defining "DFP" (for digital flat panel) in the XF86Config.

Maybe you have a similar problem?

energyman76b 01-16-04 04:38 PM


well, I added Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV" but it didn't changed anything.

Second, the same configuration worked fine, with a 4mx 440, both cards have a TV out.

X hangs when intializing the AGP interface for the first time. (dmesg tells me so).
Killing X and starting it again solves the problem, for me. I tried three driver versions, different versions of minion patches and 2.6.1-rc3, 2.6.1, 2.6.1-mm2 and 2.6.1-mm3 with no difference.

Glück Auf


energyman76b 01-16-04 04:42 PM


to markbar, the thread starter:

that your monitor is not on the list, is not important. Important is, that you know the frequenzies, your monitor is able to handle.

Try generating a config with xf86config, after that, open the XF86Config and have a look, if everything is ok (Load glx, or removing Load dri). The NVIDIA Readme will help you with that.

markbar 01-17-04 01:58 AM

thanks for the help, will try and then report back here :afro:

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