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delapierre 01-15-04 02:02 PM

freeze problem
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Since I ran Mandrake 8.1 & the corresponding NVIDIA driver, I have experienced random freeze problems when using my PC.
I have moved from Mandrake 8.1, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1 & 9.2 with the same problem.
I first accused my ELSA ERAZOR IIILT graphic card (I have read that it overburned, which caused the crash)
Recently, I have purchased a HERCULES 3D PROPHET II MX (based on a geforce 2 MX chip) and I get the same behavior.
I have moved from the 4496 driver downloaded as a RPM from the Mandrake site to the 5328 one, downloaded from the NVIDIA site with no significative change.
My actual software configuration is linux mandrake 9.2 and gnome 2.4.

I begin considering killing myself !

I attach a text file describing all my configuration.

please, HELP !!

rednuht 01-20-04 06:01 AM

power mangment disable
have you read the readme ?
have you disabled ALL power management in the system (bios and os) ?

rainerklier 01-20-04 07:10 AM

maybe defective cpu?
i had also freezes in the past.

it turned out to be a defective cpu!

i couldnt believe it, coz it didn't crash all the time, just with 3d-games.

i inserted new cpu, an all problems went away.

try to run the prime95 program (the torture-test and the benchmark) (http://www.mersenne.org).

if it fails, crashes or is reporting a defective hardware, then it is most likely you cpu or ram or mainboard.

in my case it was the cpu.
i hope this helps.

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