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krunk 01-15-04 09:58 PM

Dell 5150 w/ 5200Go: CRT monitor output-HOW??
How do I get my CRT monitor output to work? (currently I get a blank screen) Is the 5200Go dual-head capable? What entries are required in XF86Config-4? (I have found XF86Config examples for dual-head setups on other cards and don't know if it is different). How do I use a projector? (I'm assuming if I get the CRT output to work, this *should* "just work" as well).

lspci only lists one VGA device.

Thanks for any help, links to information are as welcome as detailed answers.

artoo 04-19-04 01:13 PM

Re: Dell 5150 w/ 5200Go: CRT monitor output-HOW??
I just got a 5200go put into my 5150. It is dual-head capable with twinview, I didn't look how old this thread is, but if you respons, I will toss my xorg.conf up. It has two server layouts, then toss this into your .bashrc:

alias single="startx -- -layout Single"
alias dual="startx -- -layout Dual"

A dual-head is as easy as typing 'dual' and if you are on the road or something, use 'single', and you have proper size screen.

krunk 04-19-04 01:24 PM

Re: Dell 5150 w/ 5200Go: CRT monitor output-HOW??
Sweet a reply! This post is ages old. Yeah, I'd like that....how is X.org's server working for you overall. Do the nvidia drivers work for it with full accellaration? Also will this allow me to use overhead projectors and the whatnot as well?

One more thing: you said you had a 5200 "just put in", does this mean that the 5150's vid card can be upgraded?

artoo 04-19-04 01:29 PM

Re: Dell 5150 w/ 5200Go: CRT monitor output-HOW??
I didn't notice your nick here, but I have now revived the thread at the gentoo forums, xorg.conf is posted there:


(live help freenode/#gentoo-laptop/r2d2 :) )

artoo 04-19-04 01:39 PM

Re: Dell 5150 w/ 5200Go: CRT monitor output-HOW??
Answering the rest, yes I get hardware 3d acceleration across both heads,

If the projector is VGA based it should work, I haven't played with the TV-Out though.

Upgradable, yes/no. The process involves removing the blue button civer, the keyboard, unplug internal LCD cable, take off another panel, then remove card. I didn't do it myself, but rather had my LCD break, and the Dell tech came with a new LCD and video card, to determine what as broken. It turned out to be the LCD, but i saw he brought a 5200, which has better support then my radeon 9000, and he was kind enough to put it in anyways.

Oh yes, and X.Org, works great, never used the 5200 with Xfree, so can't really compare, all I can say is that things work just fine with it. No complaints.

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