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vazzquezz 01-16-04 10:44 AM

Just another black screen thread....
After reading many threads about nvidia-driver-probs and possible fixes, i'm still stuck in the black screen problem. I'm using Suse and tried different environments with the same result...
Suse 8.2 vs Suse 9.0
BX-Chipset vs. Via KT133A-Chipset
Celeron 450 vs. XP1800+
TNT2 vs. Geforce3 Ti200
smp4G-Kernel vs. athlon-Kernel
4496-Driver vs. 5328-Driver

My first "successful" encounter was yesterday, when I bootet to "Init 3 , vga=normal apm=off acpi=off noapic". After Installing the 5328-driver on my XP1800+, with Suse8.2 & Geforce3,
i used "switch2nvidia" and started X rightaway without using Sax2 -> "black screen with blue flickers" as usual, but after about 5 minutes of waiting: a running desktop without 3D-acceleration...
init 5 leads to a "stable" system with blackscreen (I waited about 1hour).

What am i doing wrong???
Is it my hardware?

Thx for replies...

whig 01-16-04 10:06 PM

You are not alone with trouble between the 5328s and Via chipsets. They don't go for me so I'm using 4620. Can you get a 2D setup stable?

vazzquezz 01-17-04 02:33 PM

After being pi**ed off with my suse/nvidia problems, i decided to get myself redhat9.0-isofiles. about 4 hours later (incl. downloading and burning) i had a running system incl. 3d-accelleration (nvidia 5328). there is just one error left. X needs about 2 minutes to get a loginscreen...i think iŽll have to do some tweaks with the NvAGP-Options, etc...
(better than my previous results).

p.s:i donŽt think its a problem with the via-chipset, but with the suse system-architecture.

whig 01-18-04 01:17 AM

You could change the initdefault runlevel to boot into the console to see why it takes all of 2 minutes to login. Then start the gui: startx. (/etc/inittab is the file)

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