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Revan 01-16-04 11:09 AM

In need of Experienced Linux User!
I have been using linux for a year now (Mandrake 6 months and SuSE 6 months(in that order))
And the only help i could get was from typing man 'appname' in the console and reading the README files in different folders...
Well, now i'm sick of it, i need someone to help me with the problems i get because most of them are NOT written in these (still greatly written) doc files...

Please contact me on:
MSN: KickaZzZ@hotmail.com
ICQ: 159055059
or AIM: MisterRevan

If you don't want to help me once every week or so then you could reply here with an adress to a general forum where i could get help with all sorts of linux problems, thanks

p.s: The problems do include the NVIDIA drivers :P

(I know its selfish of me but i swear that the day i know enough, i WILL teach others the way of the linux ;) )

elanthis 01-16-04 12:00 PM

That is the most useless post you could've written asking for help. If you have a specific question, try asking that. If you want general linux help, spend the 3 seconds it takes to do a search on Google and find one of a bazillion forums, or use the mailing list of your linux distribution.

Revan 01-16-04 12:05 PM

Dude ffs
That forum sucks..
Also, it takes such ****ing time to wait for a reply in the forums
and my problems are NOT written in any forums neither..
Beleive me i've tried all the types of help possible.. this IS the best

acreal 01-16-04 02:27 PM

But why don't you at least post a small description of your problem(s) so people could decide whether they're capable to help or not...

Revan 01-16-04 02:41 PM

oh, allright.. i'll try

First, my samba server doesn't work (I've edited smb.conf so that it should work coz it did with Mandrake..)
I'll show you the smb.conf after i switch to Linux

Second, My samba client works.. but only if i start up lisa (manually) and use kde's konqueror to browse the network.. But since i like to use gnome more than kde it gets a bit bothersome.. i wanna use nautilus

Third, I don't know how to change the inetd thing so that it automatically starts up lisa, or if i would like to remove something.. i'm not able to.
This is a good example of why i need to have contact with someone over instant messaging; There's lots of smaller stuff i don't know that i'd just like to quickly ask someone and get an answer within a few minutes instead of waiting around forums, getting flames for not knowing somebody that knows something like this...

Fourth, I'm having trouble using wine to emulate some stuff that i use to emulate without problems.. it works, but only as root..

Fifth, If i start up a console and go 'su' then start up something that X should handle, it wont let me.

Sixth, I don't know how to start gnome or kde on any other X server than the default one...

Seventh, Eighth, Nineth... Ahundredandeleventh, Ahundredandtwelveth..
I've got more questions.. lots more, however i can't think of them right now since they seem to float away as i don't get any answer to them in forums (*big fat hint*)

Slartibardfast 01-16-04 04:40 PM

Why don't you try and find a local linux user group? They may be better prepared to give up the time required to be a mentor...

To be honest all you need is google, and enough time to tweak conf files.

For Q1-3, I don't use samba at all, like to avoid windows. But I'd check out SFU 3.5 it has an NFS client/server for windows 2k/xp/2003, and is free.

For question 4, it is usually a permissions problem when something works when root. Check if you can write to the drive in question as a normal user. Also make sure you're using the latest versions of wine, or consider crossover office it's very friendly

For question 5, suse is a little odd with this, just use sux -c "/path/to/command" and a program will run as root with x.

For question 6, my suse 9 pro has a little button on the k menu to start annother session, it's red! (I may have misread your question)

Good Luck, maybe email me your samba config I'll ask a mate...

good place to get package updates for suse: http://linux01.gwdg.de/apt4rpm/

Revan 01-16-04 04:46 PM

Hey, thanks :D

Unfortunatly i don't have that time..
When samba works, it works great, both over linux and windows users.

I've checked it and set permissions to full on all the files i know i use.. Is there no way to find out what it uses?.. like debugging or verbose or something (half-noob here, i'm not completely sure what those two words mean yet)

Thanks again :)

dpw2atox 01-16-04 07:33 PM

one thing I noticed is that if you share a file on a fat32 partition it makes it a lot easier to use samba with it because of permission issues. just keep posting questions and people will answer. i find a lot of help at nforcershq's linux forums.

Revan 01-16-04 07:34 PM

Whats the adress to "nforcershq's linux forums"?

Soul-Crusher 01-16-04 08:10 PM

This isn't exactly a general Linux help forum, but it's been pretty slow lately so...

For your fifth question, you might need to manually enter in the path to what you want to run, such as /usr/local/bin/some_application. Many distributions do not set up the root users' $PATH the same way as those of normal users.

What are you trying to run in superuser mode? It's best to avoid using superuser privileges whenever possible since it leaves your system vulnerable to malicious code that might try to plant trojans or otherwise modify with important files.

For question #6, I like to manually edit my ~/.xinitrc file. Desktop manager startup scripts are usually found in /etc/X11/Sessions, so if you put a line in ~/.xinitrc that contains /etc/X11/Sessions/wmaker, it should start Windowmaker (wmaker). However, your distribution probably uses something like KDM or GDM to allow you to choose between desktops graphically. They usually have a drop-down menu that you select a desktop from before logging in. If you log out, you should be able to access this menu.

Do you have any questions specific to nVidia hardware?

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