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claudius22 01-17-04 08:28 AM

Where to find FX3000 driver for SuSE 8.1?

I want to install SuSE 8.1 Professional on my Intel-PC (Pentium IV 3.2 Ghz, 1GB RAM, Quadro FX3000) but after Launching installation, the screen gets black for about 15 seconds and then comes again, but is unusable (screen is repeated 4 times from left to right, fonts are shrunk, you have to guess what is written).

I think the graphic card is not recognized well under Linux (it works fine on Win-XP), so where can I find and download an appropriate driver.

I am new on the forum, so apologize if this question seems trivial.

Thanks for your help


claudius22 01-17-04 09:11 AM

I have found it! Hope it will enable Linux installation
Hello again,

Sorry for the seemly stupid question, but I "bumped" (and I do not regret it) to the forum directly, after having used a search engine, so without entering from the start page www.nvnews.net where drivers can be found easily.

I just hope now that is will be easy usable at the very beginning as my Linux is not (cloud not) be installed and that it will resolve my problem.


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