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stefan_parpart 01-19-04 08:22 AM

nForce Board and Suse 9.0?
Unfortunatelly I updated to Suse 9.0 and now everythings that comes with my nForce Mainboard doesn't work anymore. Downloaded the actual driver "NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.suse90.i" and installed it with rpm -Uhv as decribed in the readme. No network, no sound and no graphics. Whenever I start sax2 I get a black screen.
Right after the installation I had a working X-Server but the wrong monitor. Then I changed the monitor from Vesa to the actual Modell from Sony. After that, there was only darkness. I started sax2 with all possible flags like -q and -l, yast doesn't work because it ist using also sax2.
Not to speak of the missing NIC and Sound Card.
What can I do?

stefan_parpart 01-21-04 07:38 AM

No nForce-User?
Seems that there's no nForce User, that could help me with my problem. Only question left is: Where should I find help if not here on Nvidias' Homepage? Still can't get rid of my damaged SaX Settings, would like to renew this without reinstalling the complete system.
Does anyone know wether I could also use the 1.0-0269-Version for AMD 64, although I don't have a 64machine?
Help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Stefan Parpart

serialdave 01-21-04 11:06 PM

I am a Mandrake user so I don't know if I can help or not but........

Make shure you have the correct kernel source for your running kernel installed. Then download the nforce source rpm and follow the install instructions on nvidias site.

As far as the blackness have you tried to edit your xconfig file and set it back to where it was before you changed monitor types?

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